LightMap SEA™

The LightMap SEA™ display is a standard NOAA nautical chart with illuminated weather, tide, and swell conditions. Always on and real-time. Each of the hundreds of lights is projected onto the map surface from the back to give an indication of the conditions in your area.  Want a forecast?  Simply wave your hand in front of the display to see the prediction for the next 24 hours.

  • Wind field arrows show multiple points of direction and strength (color coded)
  • Buoy and navigational markers depict actual colors and patterns
  • Tide clock presents current time, low and high tide markers, and tide magnitude
  • Swell indicator shows average height in 2 foot increments
  • Weather icon displays sun, rain, clouds, snow, and lightning

All displays include a frame and plexiglass front at no extra charge.

🗓 30-day satisfaction guarantee
🏆 12-month limited warranty

In production and ships within 8-10 days.

Customer Reviews

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We love this. And it always gets so many compliments. Great piece.

Nicole Bowie
Great Gift!

I bought this for my husband for Christmas and this is the first gift that wasn’t on his “list” that he actually likes. The map alone in awesome, but when you add the weather and wave information, coupled with the ships - it makes for hours of entertainment😁