Product information

Please follow the quick start guide here: Quick Start Guide

We can create a LightMap™️ for almost any application. If you have an idea or need a custom map. Reach out! We would love to hear from you.

Each display includes a 24V DC transformer and speaker wire for running power to the map.

Very little! A typical display uses less than 150 kb of data per day, which is about the size of a single e-mail.

Our displays automatically adjust their brightness by detecting the amount of ambient light in the room. To turn off the lights completely, just hold your hand in front of the top left corner of the display for 5 seconds.

Our displays use less than 10 Watts of power at full brightness. This is about as much power as a single high efficiency LED light bulb.

Of course! All of your settings are saved even if you lose power. It’s smarter than your microwave!


Definitely not. Just unplug the power supply, match the black and red wires to the correct connections, and plug your Lightmap™ display back in.

When all the lights are green your display is attempting to connect to your local WiFi network. If all the lights switch to blue, this means it was unsuccessful. Repeat the setup process by connecting your phone or PC to the broadcast LightMap™ WiFi network. If the problem persists, try a different location where your WiFi signal strength may be better.

Our design uses the standard 2.4GHz Wifi band. Make sure your router isn’t setup for the newer 5GHz option. In addition, LightMap™ displays may have trouble if your WiFi name or password contain certain characters. For example, “Kevin & Mike’s WiFi” might not work because of the apostrophe or the ampersand. As a test, try creating a simple hotspot with your phone. If everything works on the hotspot, then you know the issue is with your WiFi network name or configuration.