LightMap AIR™

The LightMap AIR™ display is a standard FAA VFR sectional with illuminated METAR weather conditions. Always on and real-time. Each of the hundreds of lights is projected onto the map surface from the back to give an indication of the weather in your area.  Want a forecast?  Simply wave your hand in front of the display to see the prediction for the next 24 hours.

All displays include a frame and plexiglass front at no extra charge.

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🏆 12-month limited warranty

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Select Your Sectional

LightMap AIR displays are based on the standard sectional areas defined by the FAA. Use the interactive map below to help selecting the sectional you need.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Martin Miller
Love it!

It would be nice if the lights blinked for high winds. Gusts > 20 Kts. But really love the map!!

Martin - Thanks for the feedback. Currently the wind field lights will blink when gusts are over 30kts but I will share your feedback with the team.

daniel pharo
The perfect gift

Purchased a Lightmaps for my son who is CFI and he lived it. He in turn showed it to a CFI friend of his and he ordered one for himself! Great idea and product,!

Justin Rhynard

This this is awesome. It works perfect and it fun to see.


The map is amazing. Love it!!!

MArc GInter
Excellent quality!!

Great looking and fantastic quality workmanship! We have 1 of these in both locations of our Training Center.